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Wall-E Plush Commission by eERIechan
Wall-E Plush Commission
Local commission I haven't posted. 
This one is like 20" tall. It was fun to make. 
I'm so completely out of touch with the new dA updates, but I'll get the hang of it later. Right now I'm just glad I recovered my password (hd to change it several times due to the Adobe trouble and what not and my memory is not that good after using the same pass for like 8 years :c) and I'm kinda getting on track again. 
As you might have guessed (to some of you I told via note) I went into a Hiatus to reorder some stuff IRL, and due to overall health issues that struck last year and because of that my "artistic juices" for "crafty skills" took a blow. I think I'm getting the zeal back now though, but I have so many things to do I'm going slowly and I get stumped because I want to do EVERYTHING at the same time. 

Specially talking about commissies I owe. Most of them are all started and halfway done/almost finished, but I jump from one to another to have wips to show but honestly that doesn't work well with me. I'll start focusing on one by one and report once I have it all ready instead. For those that have been waiting a very long time, thank you very much for your amazing patience and also my most sincere apologies. Like I've said, I'll try to make it up in the final product!!   

For the rest, I hope you have been doing good and let me see if I can catch up :)
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Thanks =D

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 3:25 PM


Well I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes =3 I'll try to answer them all today =D~~
I had a pretty mellow day last week and that's just how I like: some cake made by my lil sister, chinese food ( I ADORE CHINESE FOOD) with my family and by the end of the day I went out with friends, ate ice cream and played some random table games  =3~~

Plus my dear besties from the fandub crew made me quite an amazing video with my current obsessions all mashed up. Best.Thing.EVER (it's pretty much inside jokes we have, sorry, but you can see it's randomly awesome) xDDDD I luff them <3  And also a collab that had several months on the making too, along with the always amazing Lucy, Lily and Monix

No really, I'm so thankful of all the people in my life that always  make a difference,  and that allow me to make the difference in theirs <3  I just can't be grateful enough for all that amazing people I'm so honored to call friends.  ;w;~~ *hugs everyone*

Ahh I better stop the mushiness here or it'll overflow your screens LOL
Again, thank you very much for your kind comments, I might not be as quick replying them here  as I used to but I read them all and appreciate them a lot!! Also I'll try to be more active alkjsdfljskdf I miss adding random stuff here as often as I used to. ;w;~~~

Also Thanks and welcome to all the recent watchers that have added me =DDD Let me know what you'd like to see around and I'll try to comply at least with some quick doodles =D

But anyway, as for commissions, still working on a big one there. I need to work faster!! I've been sewing for months now hahah so I think I'll make a little sculpting brake sometime these next months to finish somethings I owe. Plus I just restocked my sculpey supply, liquid sculpey  and bought some  supersculpey Firm that I'm dying to try (yes I get excited by art supplies, let me be) =BBB

What else, what else.... hmmm
OH YEAH. Saint Seiya Omega starts airing next Sunday 8DDDDDD!!!!  Can't wait to see it! *fangirl self gushing* let's see if it's a good series =B

Aannnd that's all for now.  I'll have as a personal goal to update this journal more often too xD;;  

Eri Out~~

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  • Watching: Saint Seiya random episodes
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  • Drinking: nothing, but I need to go for water D:!!

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Hi, I was wondering if you were open for commissions?
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Please help me out, whatever happened to your "Link Plays" picture? I really loved it and now it's gone!
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Beautiful Lady Oscar gallery ^__^  and "FeriEri Pawaah!"... that made me burst out laughing!  you two are a FORCE indeed!  keep up the good work, not enough Oscar/Andre love going around!!!!
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would you be able to commission for 2 plushies please? Dib and ZIM
Hannah66665 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sad to see that some of your work is in storage. Especially your Nayru's Song Animation. sad  
How are you, though? ^^
eERIechan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
I've been meaning to reorder my gallery but I just haven't had that much time. Sorry for replying this late OMG I just found my password. There's a lot of work I have to do around here. Sadly much of my Zelda stuff is not of my liking anymore, but if you want it just let me know and I'll make it available so you can download it. Hope you're doing fine :) 
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watch! x3
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